International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems

Prof. Amit Sheth is the founding Editor-in-Chief (EIC) for the International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems (IJSWIS). He serves at the EIC for the first ten volumes of the journal, from 2005 to 2014. IJSWIS had the rare distinction of being included in in Thomson Scientific (ISI) with the minimum possible 3 years since its inception. During much of this period, it had among the highest impact factor among other related journals in data, information and knowledge systems. It also had among the highest field rating among the journals in World Wide Web area. After a decade of service as the EIC, Prof. Sheth turned over the EIC duties to highly capable and well regarded researchers, Prof. Sören Auer (Universität Bonn, Germany) and Prof. Payam Barnaghi (University of Surrey, UK).

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An IJSWIS Brochure (2008)

IJSWIS had the highest impact factor among its key peers (2012)

IJSWIS was among the top 10 journals based on field rating (citations/paper) in World Wide Web (2014)

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