Bitcoin explodes the 10,000 €: who is the boss?

Bitcoin hits a milestone – Bitcoin rose above € 10,000 yesterday. The closing is straightforward, the price is symbolic, but significant for us, dear Europeans. The opportunity for a brief in euro, as we rarely do.

Breathe! Bitcoin is 10,000 euros

BTCEUR pair closed above 10,000 euros yesterday with a nice powerful candle.

Warning ! the crossing of this symbolic price alone should not be price as a buy signal, but as information that will simplify the calculation of a European portfolio.

The close is clear and the price continues to pull higher this morning.

Despite everything, it is not anecdotal either.

Bitcoin is in a period of significant recovery following a bubble burst that lasted for almost 3 years. Historically, he has spent just over 70 days above 10,000 euros.

Another way to express this metric is that whoever bought BTC above 10,000 euros without selling its position has spent the majority of time underwater (underwater) loss.

The next 2 rooms of the dungeon

A price level will remain to be watched due to the possibility of a significant excess of supply over demand, which has already delivered tremendous strength in the battle of recent days. This is the 12,500 euros .

This level corresponds to the last highest local. If we get past them, we’ll start to seriously attack the highs of July 2019. Remember! At the time, we were only talking about Libra, the new replacement for Bitcoin, already fallen.

Beyond the top of 2019, we arrive in the last room of the dungeon, the one where the last boss lives and rages for more than 1,000 days: the top of the bubble of 2017.

I’m not going to teach you what the last boss of a video game is for. They are designed to be undone, by design . We may come to terms with it 1x, 2x, 3x, 10x, but one conviction drives us: we will beat it eventually.