Cardano (ADA) Climbs to #7 Despite Cult Criticism and Price Hovering at $0.39

• Cardano (ADA) has climbed to the #7 position by market capitalization.
• Charles Hoskinson is defending his work in the industry following continued criticism from the Cardano community.
• Despite debates and commentary, ADA’s price remains hovering near $0.39.

Cardano (ADA) Market Cap Rises

Cardano (ADA) has climbed a rank in market capitalization, now sitting at #7 with a total market value of circulating ADA at $13.9B as of February 21st, 2023. Despite ongoing debates about staking and other topics, the price of ADA remains hovering near $0.39.

Charles Hoskinson Responds to Criticism

Following backlash about comments on contingent staking, Charles Hoskinson has responded to critique and referred to contingent staking as an „optional hypothetical feature.“ He also called out commentators for “discounting the last seven years” of his work in the industry and compared Cardano’s impact on humanity to that of ChatGPT, iPhones and the internet.

Continued Community Debate

The conversation about contingent staking continues with prominent members of the Cardano community sharing their thoughts on it; one Twitter user called out Charles Hoskinson as a „liability“ while another praised him for his work over the past seven years.

„Cardano For The Masses“

During his most recent video discussing Voltaire phase, Hoskinson discussed how Cardano can have an impact on humanity similar to that of ChatGPT, iPhones and the internet. Although he is optimistic about this potential impact, debate among members of the community continues amidst increased whale activity and network developments.


The Cardano (ADA) network continues its climb up by market capitalization despite ongoing debates among its community members regarding topics such as contingent staking and Charles Hoskinson’s representation thereof. Despite criticisms, prices remain buoyant around $0.39 with optimism from founder Charles Hoskinson himself who believes that Cardano can have an immense positive impact on humanity comparable to other disruptive technologies like ChatGPT and iPhones