Sweden extends pilot project for digital crown until 2022

Sweden wants to extend the CBDC pilot project to include the e-crown until 2022.

The Swedish central bank Riksbank recently announced that it had extended the ongoing pilot project to create a digital version of the Swedish krona until 2022.

In collaboration with the consulting firm Accenture, the Riksbank has launched the pilot program „E-crown“ to life, to a „marginalization of cash“ reach :

„The Riksbank sees potential problems with the marginalization of cash and has therefore initiated a pilot project to develop a proposal for a technical solution for a digital central bank currency, an e-krona. This can act as a complement to cash.“

The latest announcement states that a decision has not yet been made on how or whether to issue the e-krona. But a short whitepaper from 2020 explained that the Corda blockchain was being used by R3. It’s a private, distributed ledger designed for businesses and businesses. In contrast to public blockchains such as Bitcoin Millionaire review and Ethereum, projects based on Corda will only be accessible via invitation.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) are digital currencies that are exclusively issued and monitored by a country’s central bank. Unlike coins based on open-source, decentralized, public blockchains, CBDCs do not present themselves as alternatives to the current Fiat system.

They are intended more as a possible hedge against the spread of digital currencies and function as a mere digital version of the existing national money

The pilot program will continue over the coming year and is expected to end in February 2022. The current announcement states that testing the offline functionality and involving external participants would be a priority in the coming months:

„The main goal of the pilot project is for the Riksbank to expand its knowledge of a digital krona issued by the central bank. The project will now be extended until the end of February 2022. The goal for the coming year is to further develop the technical solution. The focus is on on the performance, the scalability, the testing of offline functions and the inclusion of external participants in the test environment. „

Institutional investors withdraw USD 600 million in Bitcoin from the market in one day

Institutional investors continue to demand Bitcoin through Grayscale Investment. In one day they withdrew 16,244 BTCs from the market.

Grayscale Investment continues to prove to be a key connector between institutional investors and Bitcoin. Yesterday they added 16,244 BTCs, approximately USD 600 billion, to their Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GTBC) fund.

Bitcoin Whale Number Reaches New Highs, but BTC Falls

Grayscale is the bridge between institutional investors and Bitcoin

CryptoQuant data revealed that in just one day Grayscale was able to collect 16,244 Bitcoins from the market, all thanks to an impressive increase in institutional demand.

This is the largest daily purchase so far in terms of Bitcoin, which led to a total of 632,000 BTCs in the crypto pool, worth approximately $23 billion.

Actually, it looks like not only did @Grayscale buy 16,000 BTC today, but this was the single largest one day purchase of BTC * IN BTC TERMS * not just dollar terms

Therefore, the crypto community is impressed with the growth that Grayscale’s crypto pool has experienced. In fact, as we reported yesterday in CryptoTrend, JP Morgan strategists believe that the crypto signature will be key to Bitcoin’s price increase.

Crypto Week: Pressure Continues on Cryptology Adoption

Report: Crypto payments for ransomware increase

Thus, crypto payments associated with ransomware grew by at least 311% in 2020, according to new data from the data company blockchain Chainalysis.

According to our research, #ransomware is the fastest growing type of criminal cryptocurrency activity, and is a direct threat to #nationalsecurity. We’re proud to be a part of the @IST_org #RansomwareTaskForce to help mitigate this threat.

In addition, it is worth remembering that ransomware is a type of malicious computer program that forces users to pay a ransom. And, according to Chainalysis, crypts have become a common method of payment.

Bitcoin could reach 115K, says Pantera Capital

Binance burns $165 million in BNB

According to Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, about 2.4 times more tokens were burned this time in terms of fiduciary value. Thus, as announced, the crypto exchange burned 3,691,888 Binance Coin (BNB), worth approximately USD 165.8 million.

According to Larry Cermak, director of research at The Block, the burning occurs after „Binance’s spot volume has increased by more than 50% and futures volume has increased by 140% in the fourth quarter“.

In a few lines…

Janet Yellen, a candidate for Secretary of the Treasury, shared her concerns about crypto being used in illicit financing.
Coinbase announced today that it is ready to acquire Bison Trails, a crypto company that can help it grow.
Incent, on the other hand, has said it does not know what happened to the price of its token at CoinMarketCap.
ADA, the Cardano network’s crypto currency, is now the sixth largest crypto currency in the ecosystem.

Gråtoner fortsætter med sin Bitcoin-ophobning

Bitcoin er fortsat et digitalt aktiv med stor efterspørgsel på markedet, og detail og institutioner er i et kapløb om at få fat i så mange BTC’er som muligt. Fra den institutionelle side har Grayscale fyldt sin Bitcoin-taske med mere og mere BTC som mange andre. Ifølge en nylig opdatering har Grayscale tilføjet 12.319 BTC til sin Grayscale Bitcoin Trust [GBTC] i løbet af en enkelt dag. Dette beløb var angiveligt mere end det kumulative køb i den sidste uge.

Kevin Rooke tweetede :

“Dårlige nyheder for Bitcoin bjørne.

Grayscales Bitcoin Trust tilføjede netop 12.319 BTC til $ GBTC på en enkelt dag.

Det er mere end de 11.512 BTC, de tilføjede i hele sidste uge, da Bitcoin brød sin ATH. ”

Grayscale har konkurreret aktivt med andre institutioner, og dette var synligt i dets Bitcoin-beholdninger i 2020, som pr. Dato oplevede en stigning på mere end 66%. Data antyder, at Gryascales Bitcoin-beholdning har nået 588,97k BTC, hvilket var cirka 12,78 milliarder dollars i aktiver under forvaltning.

Denne tilføjelse kommer i hælene på Microstrategy, der køber 30k BTC for $ 650 millioner. Ifølge Bitcoin Treasuries har business intelligence-firmaet nu 70.470 BTC til en værdi af over $ 1.596 mia. Dollar i sin skatkammerreserve. Ifølge administrerende direktør Micheal Saylor brugte MicroStrategy indtil nu 1,125 milliarder dollars på bitcoin til en gennemsnitlig pris på $ 15.964 pr. BTC.

Interessant nok meddelte SkyBridge Capital lanceringen af ​​en Bitcoin-fond for at „demokratisere“ investering i kryptorummet. Det har startet fonden med $ 25 millioner og med et minimumsabonnement knyttet til $ 50.000.

Det institutionelle køb er et bullish tegn, de øgede udstrømninger fra børser har også øget dette bullish momentum. De øgede udstrømninger forventes at ende i køleopbevaring, og dette har fået mange analytikere på markedet til at forudsige, at toppen endnu ikke skal ses. Krakens leder af forretningsudvikling, Dan Held, sammenlignede data med Bitcoins tidligere halvering og forudsagde, at toppen vil blive set inden september 2021.

Holdt tweeted:

Prisen på Bitcoin efter halvings.

Bitcoin lige på vej til at nå sit højdepunkt omkring september 2021! pic.twitter.com/h6GYeKtjm0

– Dan Held (@danheld) 22. december 2020

Da investering og interesse i Bitcoin stiger, er kryptokurrency langt fra at miste damp. Det institutionelle køb har også fået detailhandlere til at erhverve så mange BTC som muligt.

Nicholas Merten, analyste en cryptologie, déclare que le cycle de l’Altcoin se rapproche et suit l’état du Bitcoin, de l’Ethereum et du Litecoin

Le crypto stratège populaire Nicholas Merten surveille de près Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP et Litecoin.

Dans une nouvelle édition de DataDash, Nicholas Merten indique à ses 363 000 abonnés les niveaux à surveiller pour la CTB.

„Nous sommes en territoire inconnu. C’est une première dans l’histoire des prix de Bitcoin. Nous pouvons donc voir ici que nous nous tenons généralement autour de [22 250 dollars]. Vous pouvez voir que nous avons baissé un peu plus bas, mais pour l’instant nous maintenons à peu près la fourchette de soutien que nous avons eue ici jusqu’au 17-18 décembre et la question sera de savoir si nous pouvons maintenir ce niveau.

Si nous commençons à revenir en arrière [21 900 dollars], je sentirais un signe d’avertissement sur le marché, que nous allons baisser et faire quelque chose que beaucoup de gens ne veulent pas voir et qui se situe dans la fourchette des 20 000 dollars ou dans la partie supérieure de la fourchette des 19 000 dollars, là où les sommets officiels de tous les temps avaient été atteints lors du dernier cycle, pour en faire un nouveau soutien.

Merten affirme que le marché des Bitcoin Revolution est déjà très étendu et que nous pourrions assister à un déplacement des liquidités, car les investisseurs font tourner leurs bénéfices vers les principaux altcoins.

„Les altcoins vont-ils recommencer à prendre une partie de la valeur du marché, une partie de la liquidité, une partie de la domination du marché ? Je pense vraiment que c’est le cas“.

Le crypto stratège se penche sur Ethereum (ETH/USD) et souligne qu’il est loin d’avoir atteint son plus haut niveau.

„Quand je regarde Ethereum, il est dans un cycle beaucoup plus sain. Il n’y a pas de dépassement majeur absolu. Il n’est pas à son plus haut niveau historique.

Merten suit également les performances de Litecoin (LTC/USD) et constate que la pièce maintient sa tendance à la hausse.

„Litecoin, qui tient très bien la route ici. Rien de trop fou.“

Bien que le marché plus large de la crypto traverse actuellement une correction, Merten dit qu’une saison d’altcoin est en vue.

„Ce que nous avons vu en été n’était pas le cycle des altcoins. Nous n’avons pas encore atteint ce cycle, mais nous en sommes très, très proches. Nous avons eu nos rassemblements précurseurs dans beaucoup de ces altcoins et je peux vous dire à tous que vous voulez garder un œil sur ces grands altcoins parce que certains d’entre eux commencent à bien se tenir“.

Merten souligne que LTC/BTC se négocie près du support critique à environ 0,004, où il a été multiplié par 3 à 5 sur la base de son cours historique. Il surveille également de près ETH/BTC qui, selon lui, se négocie également à un niveau de support clé.

„Dans ce cas, nous avons des possibilités de rabais là où les altcoins sont vraiment bon marché en ce moment. C’est là encore que l’on voit le cycle des capitaux entrer et sortir des différents marchés dans l’espace crypté“.

BMW and blockchain project Oasis are working on a new concept for data protection

A new method for internal data protection is to be tested in the cooperation between the car manufacturer and the blockchain project.

Oasis Labs, a company closely related to the Oasis blockchain project , has announced that it is working with the BMW Group on a new data protection project

A corresponding announcement on Wednesday shows that the cooperation between the two companies aims to develop a new method for processing data that should clearly define which data can be accessed and how this is done.

Bitcoin Trader app calls this new approach „differentiated data protection“. This is to ensure that larger quantities cannot be manipulated in such a way that individual data can be derived from them. As an example: If both the average value and the number of people observed are known for a data set, conclusions can be drawn about the respective individual when adding another value by changing the average value.

The Oasis solution therefore changes the individual entries in order to make the underlying data record opaque

As the company writes, any database that uses basic math functions like absolute value, random numbers, and natural logarithms can employ the new data protection solution.

As part of the cooperation with BMW, the data protection solution is to be used in-house. Although the collaboration is still in an early phase, it is intended to test the concept of differentiated data protection for the BMW Group’s internal IT system. This would guarantee the greatest possible data protection when exchanging information for both the internal teams and partners of the car manufacturer. However, the project is not based on the Oasis blockchain.

Perché questo trader vede il tappo del mercato Crypto superare i 5 trilioni di dollari di questo ciclo

Il prossimo ciclo di tori criptati potrebbe vedere il tetto del mercato espandersi oltre i 5.000 miliardi di dollari. Questo secondo un certo Joseph Todaro. Joseph è socio della Greymatter Capital. Certo, questo non è il primo operatore di mercato a ritenere che il mercato dei cripto-tori criptati sia destinato ad una grande ripresa. Ci sono stati numerosi rapporti e opinioni pubblicate da altri.

Inoltre, il fatto che alcuni dei più grandi fondi istituzionali come Grayscale stiano accumulando in modo aggressivo crittografi come Bitcoin Pro la dice lunga. Joseph ha postato un tweet per far conoscere il suo punto di vista. Ha anche continuato a esporre la sua argomentazione.

Il mercato dei crittografi si espande più di altre attività

Pur sostenendo la sua opinione, Joseph ha detto che il mercato dei crittografi è noto per espandersi molto di più di altre classi di attività come l’oro e le azioni. Questo in risposta ad un fan che ha sottolineato che il mercato statunitense vale circa 30 trilioni di dollari, dando l’idea che anche il mercato cripto potrebbe non estendersi come sostenuto da Joseph.

Tuttavia, Joseph ha sottolineato che l’industria dei crittografi è un mercato globale. Un mercato globale vanta il supporto di numerosi attori di mercato in contrapposizione ad un singolo governo.

Andando avanti, Joseph ha detto che la sua proiezione potrebbe dover avvenire per un breve periodo. Tuttavia, la possibilità che ciò avvenga mette il mercato in una posizione di grande vantaggio, anche se per un breve periodo.

Probabilmente entro il 2022

Joseph ha continuato a dare una linea temporale su quando si aspetta che il mercato raggiunga oltre i 5.000 miliardi di dollari. Secondo lui, questo potrebbe accadere entro la fine del 2022. In effetti, molte persone hanno atteso una mega corsa di tori criptati dopo il dimezzamento della ricompensa della rete Bitcoin del maggio 2020.

L’attuale ronzio sul ciclo rialzista in arrivo potrebbe alimentare l’accumulo. Se queste proiezioni saranno effettivamente realizzate è ancora oggetto di dibattito. Possiamo solo aspettare e vedere.

Hyperbitcoinization – is the turning point around the corner?

For bitcoin maximalists, hyperbitcoinization is the end game. Only when BTC has completely displaced fiat money can one speak of success, according to the bullish stance of Bitcoiners. What to Know About Hyperbitcoinization.

“Bitcoin wins when all other currencies fail”, writes Bitcoin influencer ObiWan Kenobit in his much-cited medium article “ Hyperbitcoinization: Winner Takes All“. However, the term has existed since March 29, 2014. At that time employedNakamoto Institute author Daniel Krawisz dealt with the phenomenon of the complete displacement of fiat money by the crypto currency No. 1.

What does hyperbitcoinization mean?

Hyperbitcoinization has since been understood to mean both a state and a process that works towards this state: Bitcoin as the dominant world currency. A distinction is typically made between different stages of this process. While Bitcoin Code is still in its early stages these days, authors like Krawisz and Kenobit believe that things move very quickly after a certain point. The latest bull run could indicate that Bitcoin is now moving into the next phase. Then, it is said, the opportunity costs of the BTC adaptation are lower than its rejection. One speaks of the so-called tipping point . Of course, nobody really knows when it will come.

Feed for this type of reasoning is a consideration of the prevalence of exponential technologies such as the Internet, telephones, and computers.

At the time, Krawisz defined hyperbitcoinization as “a voluntary transition from an inferior to a superior currency” – and thus remained true to the spirit of digital gold. After all, it is precisely this voluntary participation that distinguishes Bitcoin. Nobody is forced to use BTC, but anyone who wants is allowed to.

The argumentation of the maximalists goes something like this: There are no monopolists with a power overhang like in the central bank system with BTC; rather, everyone has the same rights of participation and so the transition from a fiat to a bitcoin system is, so to speak, grassroots democracy.

If Bitcoin wins, so hyperbitcoinization will one day be a reality, it will be because digital gold is the better currency . Kenobit therefore speaks of an „organic and self-organizing process.“

Hyperbitcoinization – a castle in the air?

Sure: Anyone who has invested in Bitcoin would like to see the astronomical rate of 100 million US dollars per BTC (the kenobit estimate) for the “Orange Coin”. But caution should be exercised with such exorbitant price forecasts at this early stage.

The arguments of the maximalists sound plausible. However, one cannot assume that the displacement of government money through Magic Internet Money will take place without friction losses. After all, the money monopoly is one of the most important sources of government financing for governments – laws and taxes accordingly offer a certain protection against the demonetization of fiat money.

And this is where it gets exciting: For this reason, Satoshi Nakamoto has optimized Bitcoin for precisely this use case. Maximalists attribute such great importance to the decentralization of BTC because state attacks are considered the most relevant attack vector against Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s resilience to coordinated attacks and government bans must be guaranteed. Otherwise, the experiment would fail before it even started properly.

In the history of digital gold, there has been no serious government attack on system integrity. This shows that Bitcoin is still in a comparatively early phase.

Better this way. Ultimately, this gives BTC more time to build a resilient infrastructure. Who knows, maybe the No. 1 cryptocurrency is actually this “cunning way” of which the economist Hayek spoke, with which we states can wrest the monopoly of money without them noticing.

Disse faktorer, som alle foreslår, at Bitcoin er klar til at eksplodere tidligere $ 16.000

Bitcoin har set en smule turbulens i løbet af de sidste par timer på nyheder om Pfizer, der udvikler en meget effektiv vaccine

Oprindeligt sendte denne nyhed BTC’s pris lavere, men det har siden vist tegn på styrke, da købere absorberer salgsordrer
Det er fortsat uklart, om denne nyhed og det igangværende aktiemarkedsrally vil byde godt for kryptovalutaen i de kommende dage og uger
Hvis BTC fortsætter med at handle som guld, kan det snart falde i næsen, da ædle metaller og såkaldte „safe haven assets“ er hårdt ramt af nyheden
En analytiker peger på en overflod af tegn, der indikerer at Crypto Cash næste store bevægelse vil være en pause på over $ 16.000

Bitcoin og det samlede kryptomarked oplever stagnerende vækst, da aktiemarkedet rally i dag.

Dette kommer kort efter, at Pfizer meddelte, at deres vaccine mod den hurtigt spredte virus har 90% effektivitet.

Dette er en god nyhed for aktiemarkedet med hensyn til at reducere den globale usikkerhed og øge økonomien, men det er dårlige nyheder for sikre havneaktiver som guld – som er nævnet i dag.

Bitcoin er stadig stabil i regionen med en nedre del af $ 15.000, men den har også haft en vis øget ustabilitet i morges.

Ikke desto mindre mener en analytiker stadig, at et skridt forbi $ 16.000 er nært forestående.
Bitcoin sænker stigningen i vaccinenyheder

I skrivende stund handles Bitcoin lidt over 1% til den nuværende pris på $ 15.300. Dette handler om den pris, som den har handlet med i den sidste uge.

Selvom BTC tidligere har vist tegn på at være korreleret med både guld og aktier, kan dens enorme uptrend som for sent muligvis nu have omdannet det til et uafhængigt handelsaktiv.

Dens knaphed gør det stadig til en stor hæk mod overhængende inflation, uanset om økonomien forbliver delvis lukket i en længere periode.

Analytiker: BTC kunne stadig rally forbi $ 16.000 næste

En erhvervsdrivende sagde i en nylig tweet, at aktiemarkedets styrke og den V-formede tilbageførsel efter Bitcoins $ 14.400-dip begge tyder på, at et træk forbi $ 16.000 er nært forestående.

”BTC – jeg vil hellere være langt førende ind i NYO. Kortslutning til tidligere konsolidering efter en V-tilbageførsel er en imo af bjørnefælde. Stærke futures åbne, V Reversal efter at have fået en masse nedadgående likviditet i weekenden. $ 16.000 test igen tidligt på ugen ville være dejligt. ”

De kommende par dage skal give et indblik i, hvilken sammenhæng Bitcoin følger i de kommende uger.

Fast 25% des zirkulierenden Angebots der ETH werden an zentralen Börsen gelagert

Zum Vergleich: Nur 8,1 Prozent des im Umlauf befindlichen Bitcoin-Bestands werden auf Tauschkonten gelagert.

Die Kryptoanalyse-Plattform ViewBase hat kürzlich herausgefunden, dass fast ein Viertel des zirkulierenden Bestands an Ether-Tokens (ETH-Tokens) auf Tauschkonten für Kryptowährungen aufbewahrt wird. Insbesondere berichtete CoinTelegraph, dass 26.768.260 ETH-Token an Börsen gehandelt werden, was etwa 23,6% aller im Umlauf befindlichen ETH-Token entspricht. Zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung entsprach dies einem Betrag von 10,3 Milliarden Dollar.

Bemerkenswert ist, dass fast alle der 26 Millionen Wertmarken an 10 zentralisierten Börsen aufbewahrt werden. Allein die Coinbase verwahrt 8,5 Millionen ETH-Marken, rund 7,5% des Angebots.

Zum Vergleich: Die Gesamtzahl der BTC, die an Kryptogeldbörsen verwahrt werden, entspricht etwa 8,1 Prozent des zirkulierenden Bitcoin-Bestands.

Analysten sagen, dass ETH-Händler verkaufen wollen, während BTC-Händler ihre Münzen verstecken.

Dies könnte darauf hindeuten, dass die BTC-Händler ihre Münzen viel weniger bereitwillig verkaufen als die ETH-Händler. Anfang Oktober schrieb der renommierte Crypto Superstar Willy Woo auf Twitter, dass, wenn die Anzahl der Münzen, die in Kryptowährungen umgetauscht werden, sinkt, „dies ein Zeichen dafür ist, dass neue Käufer kommen, um die Münzen von den Märkten zu schnappen und in Kühlhäuser zu bringen“.

Mit anderen Worten: Es werden Münzen gekauft und in private digitale Brieftaschen transferiert, um sie langfristig zu beschlagnahmen. Daher sagte Woo, dass eine geringe Anzahl von Münzen an den Börsen „makro-hausselig“ sei.

Im Gegensatz dazu könnte eine hohe Anzahl von Münzen an den Börsen darauf hindeuten, dass die Händler darauf erpicht sind, ihre Münzen abzugeben. Deshalb könnten die ETH-Münzschmuggler darauf bedacht sein, ihre Münzen zu verkaufen.

Bitcoin scheint jedoch als langfristiges Investitionsgut immer beliebter zu werden. Anfang dieses Monats berichteten Finanzmagnaten, dass die Abwanderung der BTC von den Börsen den höchsten Stand seit Monaten erreicht hat.

Gleichzeitig zeigen die Daten von Glassnode, dass die Zahl der neuen Bitcoin-Brieftaschenadressen, die täglich neu erstellt werden, zugenommen hat: 480.000 – etwa sechsmal so viele wie die Zahl der neuen Ether-Brieftaschen, die täglich erstellt werden.

Darüber hinaus berichteten Finanzmagnaten, dass der Angst- und Gier-Index von Bitcoin, der die Wahrscheinlichkeit misst, dass Marktteilnehmer ihre Münzen kaufen (Gier) oder verkaufen (Angst), für den größten Teil des Monats Oktober entscheidend zur Gier neigte.

Bitcoin explodes the 10,000 €: who is the boss?

Bitcoin hits a milestone – Bitcoin rose above € 10,000 yesterday. The closing is straightforward, the price is symbolic, but significant for us, dear Europeans. The opportunity for a brief in euro, as we rarely do.

Breathe! Bitcoin is 10,000 euros

BTCEUR pair closed above 10,000 euros yesterday with a nice powerful candle.

Warning ! the crossing of this symbolic price alone should not be price as a buy signal, but as information that will simplify the calculation of a European portfolio.

The close is clear and the price continues to pull higher this morning.

Despite everything, it is not anecdotal either.

Bitcoin is in a period of significant recovery following a bubble burst that lasted for almost 3 years. Historically, he has spent just over 70 days above 10,000 euros.

Another way to express this metric is that whoever bought BTC above 10,000 euros without selling its position has spent the majority of time underwater (underwater) loss.

The next 2 rooms of the dungeon

A price level will remain to be watched due to the possibility of a significant excess of supply over demand, which has already delivered tremendous strength in the battle of recent days. This is the 12,500 euros .

This level corresponds to the last highest local. If we get past them, we’ll start to seriously attack the highs of July 2019. Remember! At the time, we were only talking about Libra, the new replacement for Bitcoin, already fallen.

Beyond the top of 2019, we arrive in the last room of the dungeon, the one where the last boss lives and rages for more than 1,000 days: the top of the bubble of 2017.

I’m not going to teach you what the last boss of a video game is for. They are designed to be undone, by design . We may come to terms with it 1x, 2x, 3x, 10x, but one conviction drives us: we will beat it eventually.