Nike’s Air Force 1 Virtual Sneakers Now on NFTs: Collect & Unlock Rewards!

• Nike just released the first-ever digital sneaker NFT collection, which takes inspiration from the legendary Nike Air Force 1 Low.
• There are two types of boxes: Classic Remix and New Wave.
• All NFTs cost $19.82, and come with either “Futuristic Twist” or “Nostalgic Twist” perks.

Nike Launches Air Force 1 Virtual Sneaker NFTs

Nike has just launched its first-ever digital sneaker NFT collection, taking inspiration from the iconic Nike Air Force 1 Low shoes that were originally released in 1982. This virtual collection is available for purchase on Polygon (MATIC) and will be accessible to OF1 Poster holders starting April 18th and to general access buyers from May 10th onwards.

Two Boxes, One Collection

The Our Force 1 NFT collection consists of two types of boxes—Classic Remix and New Wave—representing two different eras of Nike’s Air Force 1 shoes. The Classic Remix box contains variations of AF1s between 1982 and 2006, while the New Wave box features all remakes since 2007. Both boxes come with a special perk—either a Futuristic or Nostalgic Twist—making them especially valuable among collectors. All boxes cost $19.82, referencing the original release year of the Nike Air Force 1 shoes.

Exclusive Benefits For Holders

Owners of these virtual sneakers can look forward to exclusive discounts and VIP experiences in physical stores worldwide. These rewards are scheduled to be revealed in the coming months ahead but meanwhile fans can enjoy showing off their Our Force 1 collections online!

Your Force 1 Contest Winners

For those rare hunters out there, there may still be some chances to find co-created AF1s from four .SWOOSH Your Force 1 contest winners through their platform as well!

On The Flipside – No Support For Collectors

Despite being built on Polygon (MATIC), Nike does not currently provide any support for collectors when it comes to buying or selling these digital assets outside its own platform, so buyers should proceed with caution when attempting such transactions outside .Swoosh’s ecosystem.