Shibarium Beta Bridge: Now Available For Testing – Try it Out!

• Shibarium’s cross-chain bridge between testnet and Ethereum is now available for public testing.
• SHIB Token’s lead marketing specialist, Lucie, advised the Shiba Inu community to verify authenticity before connecting their wallet.
• Projects like WoofWork reported successful testing of the bridge from Ethereum’s Goerli testnet to PuppyNet.

Shibarium Beta Bridge Out for Testing

Shibarium Layer-2 mainnet is slated for mid August launch during the ETHToronto conference and the highly-anticipated cross-chain bridge between Shibarium testnet and Ethereum is now fully operational and publicly available.

Verify Authenticity Before Connecting Wallet

SHIB Token’s lead marketing specialist Lucie warned the Shiba Inu community to verify if they are on the official Shibarium Tech website as phishing scams are again on rise. These scams usually occur by imitating the official website and setting up a domain that’s visually very similar to the original one.

Beta Bridge Goes Live For Public Testing

Following the news, several SHIB Army members rushed to test out this revolutionary cross-chain solution with real coins not being used in this process yet. The bridge can be accessed on while every crypto enthusiast can connect their wallets via browser wallets like MetaMask or WalletConnect with most of them using Goerli network for testing purposes. When switching back to Ethereum ,the Shibarium Bridge burns tokens on Shibarium network & replenishes balance on Ethereum accordingly.

Shibburn UI Leaked On Shibarium

This publicly available Shibarium Bridge test is a prelude to estimated launch of Shibarium mainnet in August & thus it follows previously leaked ‘Shibburn UI’ tool which uses similar method when switching back from one platform to another .


With its innovative cross-chain solution, Shiba Inu has taken yet another step towards revolutionizing blockchain industry & making transactions more secure & faster than ever before!