Yuga Labs Launches Legends of the Mara: Claim Free Vessels for Otherdeed NFT

• Yuga Labs unveils Legends of the Mara game, a 2D blockchain game that picks up where the Second Trip to the Otherside left off.
• Otherdeed NFT holders can claim free vessels before the global launch in May 2023.
• Trading volume for Otherdeed NFT has skyrocketed 320%, and counterfeit websites mimicking Yuga Lab’s products have been reported.

Yuga Labs Unveils Legends of the Mara Game

Yuga Labs‘ new 2D game will be the next episode following the second Trip to the Otherside. Before its global launch in May 2023, Otherdeed NFT holders can claim free vessels.

Otherdeeds Trading Volume Skyrockets

Daily trading volume for Otherdeed NFTs has skyrocketed 320%, and its floor price has risen 28.69%. According to official statement by Otherside Meta, Legends of The Maras narrative will pick up where The Second Trip to the Otherside left off.

Kodas and Vessels

Otherdeeds with a Koda will be able to decouple in advance of the game launch and receive free Vessels when claiming their NFTs. Kodas are regarded as primary keepers of The Otherside and are adept at farming, enchanting, and hunting within Legends of The Mara narrative.

Counterfeit Websites Reported

Counterfeit websites mimicking Yuga Labs‘ products have been reported; these websites offer phishing attacks that can harm users if they do not take caution while interacting with them. To solve this problem, Yuga Labs is offering an authentication process that involves verifying player’s accounts on their official website or mobile app before proceeding with any transactions or gameplay interactions with other players online.


Legends of The Mara is gearing up to become one of most popular games released by Yuga Labs in years; however, it won’t be available until May 2023. Before then, players should take caution when interacting with other players online or engaging in any transactions related to this game as there are reports of counterfeit websites offering phishing attacks similar to what we see today for many games on different platforms including mobile devices and PCs